Seasoned finance executive and author Marja Norris is helping women push through barriers with moxie and ably navigate workplace culture to reach their highest goals.

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The Unspoken Code

In her latest book, The Unspoken Code, Marja Norris sheds an honest light on the realities and tacit rules of climbing the corporate ladder. She offers a roadmap to equip women at all stages of their career with the tools to ably navigate corporate workplace culture. Marja’s practical guidance focuses on how to project your best professional self through self-confidence, excellent communication skills, and the right wardrobe.

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“Reading Marja Norris’ The Unspoken Code felt like I had a personal coach guiding me through the inside path to success. Marja’s tips and tools are invaluable and her plan of action at the end of each chapter is the laser focus necessary to develop and utilize those strategies. As a Leadership Coach who works with women in a wide variety of organizations, I consider this book a must-read. Thank you, Marja for a gift that will make a significant difference to equalizing the playing field for women in business.”

Tracy Tomasky, Ed.D., CEO of Leaders Evolving, Inc.

“With plenty of real-life examples – both from Marja’s own experience and from the experiences of women in senior roles in Corporate America – Marja has pulled together quite a blueprint for other women to use to chart their own path to personal and career success.”

Mary Kramer, Group Publisher, Crain Communications

The Unspoken Code captures several decades of valuable lessons learned on navigating gender landmines in the business world and passes them forward with straight talk about the unwritten rules of the game never taught in school.”

Anne Doyle, Author of POWERING UP! How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders

“From finding a mentor, to communicating with confidence and dressing the part, Marja imparts actionable advice on building a distinguished career for women everywhere.”

Teresa Taylor, CEO of Blue Valley Advisors LLC, and author of The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work-Life Success

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Confidence emanates from Attitude and Behavior: A+B=C. Marja helps you learn the ABCs of awakening your own power!


Understanding certain unspoken communication guidelines between genders is essential to workplace productivity and trust.

Dressing the Part

First impressions are critical. Dress the part of those in the top of your field and solidify your image of success.

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