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“You are your walking business card and the CEO of your career… Embrace the three-part strategy found in this book and take charge of the unspoken code of business.”
-Marja Norris

The Unspoken Code

A Businesswoman’s No-Nonsense Guide to Making It in the Corporate World

In her latest book, The Unspoken Code, Marja Norris sheds an honest light on the realities of climbing the corporate ladder in patriarchal work cultures.

Her no-nonsense advice presents the tacit rules to fellow businesswomen to guide them to the sweet spot of success. Marja explains that the formula for success lies in the nexus of self-confidence, excellent communication skills, and dressing the part to project your best professional self.

Whether entering the professional world for the first time, re-entering the workforce, or moving up in their career, Marja offers a roadmap to equip women with the tools to ably navigate workplace culture to reach their highest goals.

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The Sweet Spot of Success Venn Diagram



Confidence emanates from Attitude and Behavior: A+B=C. Marja helps you learn the ABCs of awakening your own power!


Understanding certain unspoken communication guidelines between genders is essential to workplace productivity and trust.

Dressing the Part

First impressions are critical. Dress the part of those in the top of your field and solidify your image of success.

Download the introduction of The Unspoken Code to learn the ABCs of awakening your own power!

“The rules mother never taught you are now available in Marja Norris’ step by step guide to success for professional women. This easy to read book covers the challenges and opportunities for women to succeed, in life and in business. A must read for all women who want to get better at the game of life.”

Linda Orlans, Founder and Executive Chair, Orlans Group

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