Continue Plowing, Ladies – We Are Changing The Landscape!

We ARE changing the landscape.

No longer do women have to look away, stuff words down their throat, take on someone’s culpability of sexual harassment or be bullied to silence their traumas caused by men.

This is giving women the courage to speak up and stand up to someone’s raging anger, knowing automatic dismissal is a thing of the past.

It’s about Raising Our Bar, Not “When Enough is Enough?”!

With the #metoo, #timesup awareness women have brought to the forefront,  conversations I’ve heard from the male public is “When is enough, enough?”

Men say “Can I even tell a woman she looks beautiful today?” Or “Women’s accusations are ruining men’s careers!”

We ARE raising the bar.

“When enough is enough?” is when we all come together with truly respecting one other.

When men respect women, they in turn, respect themselves. Some of the anger stems from men having had their way for generations of power plays from being mentored by their prior “role models”.

Saying a woman is beautiful, for example, without a hidden agenda is one thing. Using it as a manipulative tool as a power play to set a woman up for a later attack is another.

We are now holding men’s feet to the fire on accountability.

Power plays of manipulative misconduct are no longer acceptable as shown by shareholder demands, leading boards of directors to remove Wall Street CEOs and executives over gross misconduct.

For women, this change for courage won’t happen overnight. We must also give compassion to those women who haven’t spoken up and may not ever have the courage – they are living with the memories of it every day of living through a terrible assault that they didn’t allow. As each of us come forward and start plowing our fields of the new landscape, raise our bar, we will be these women’s heroines. For the silent voices, we must lead the way.

It gives the courage to others to come forward and say #nomore.

What a better world we will live in and how much more we will all accomplish together having a higher level of consciousness in our interactions with both men and women.

It’s Time. Muster Up & Burst Through!

Marja Norris is the CEO and Founder of, a company dedicated to helping women achieve their career goals with style and confidence. With a distinguished career in finance, Marja has successfully navigated the male-dominated business world. Working her way up from an entry-level assistant to a Senior Vice President, she draws on her three decades of experience in the corporate world to empower women to pursue their highest goals and blossom into everything they can be.

Marja is passionate about coaching women on projecting their best professional selves. With the publication of her latest book, The Unspoken Code: A Businesswoman’s No-Nonsense Guide to Making It in the Corporate World, Marja’s mission is to provide women with the tools to successfully navigate the workplace through heightened confidence, excellent communication skills, and dressing the part to achieve career success.

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