Live In The Present By Marja Norris

Live in the Present

Whatever discord you are experiencing personally or professionally in any given moment, know it’s not happening to you. It’s happening around you and it’s happening for you. The chaos is outside of you. Live in the present. Simply recentering your mindset can help you learn what you can from it. To do this, take a walk outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Take in the scenery. Appreciating the present puts life into perspective and can help you detach yourself from worries about the future that likely will never come to fruition.

It’s about perception. You alone have the strength and ability to shift your perception, as everything we do is a choice. You can choose to be frustrated, angry, and grumpy or grateful, content, and pleasant. Take note of negative thoughts or emotions and ask yourself, “Will it even matter five years from now?” The answer, likely, will be no. In fact, it probably won’t matter next week or a single day from now.

When you’re spending time with your children, live in the present—not on the phone, reading emails, or checking media sites. If you’re talking to your companion, live in the present and be focused 100 percent on what the person has to say—not on all the things that you have to do. Quality time requires you to live in the present, and is the greatest gift you can give. Giving yourself the tools to live in the present moment, instead of living in fear and worrying about the future, will set you up for success in the workplace by helping you refocus on what’s most important.

Four Ways to Beat Stress and Live In the Present:

• Do your best to get enough sleep. How many hours do you sleep without the alarm clock? That’s how much sleep you need.

• Speak up. Assert yourself. Learn to say no instead of agreeing to things you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do and then end up feeling resentful. Speaking up builds self-confidence. That’s a win-win.

• Get a massage. No time? Take a few minutes to rub your own neck and shoulders to loosen up tight muscles.

• Stretch on your own or take a yoga class. When your body feels tense, do some stretches to feel instantly renewed.

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