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How to Play Corporate Ball With Men: The Ultimate Playbook

Remember this analogy of playing ball with men. You’re on their football field. Knowing this will help you learn to talk their talk so you can walk their walk. It’s crucial to know how to play corporate ball with men. Especially once you realize how male-dominated the business world really is.

Here are a sample of tips from my book, The Unspoken Code, that will help you do just that:

  • Don’t ask for affirmation from men. Men view this as a weakness. Walk in with power and authority. You don’t need anyone’s affirmation. If you ask them their opinion, they will think you don’t have a strong opinion of your own. Don’t say the words asking for your opinion directly; use it in the context of conversation.
  • Don’t gossip or bad-mouth people. Not even once. It’s a credibility killer. Respect confidentiality because it will be tested. The old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” is important in earning trust.
  • Don’t be late. When you are late for appointments, you are saying to the other person that their time is less important than yours. If you’re late, apologize and move on. Don’t blame it on a wardrobe malfunction or launch into a detailed explanation about a sick child. Just jump in and get up t o speed on what you missed.

If you cultivate a calm and professional communication style, even in the midst of drama and chaos, people will remember you. The sooner we put these rules into play, the sooner we will experience abundant accomplishments.

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